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Unwind in our State-of-the-Art Spa 

Our Spa

Set in the grounds of our hotel, our state-of-the-art spa is comprised of many areas to relax and recuperate. Offering a modern, yet restful and indulgent experience with personalisation at the heart of the journey. Choose from an array of spa days and breaks. 

View our Spa Brochure for available packages and treatments. 

To make a booking, please email or call 01603 737531. 

Please note that our Spa is open Monday to Sunday, 08:00 to 20:00. 

Hotel guests are entitled to a 2-hour slot to enjoy our Spa facilities. Please contact us to reserve your slot as spaces are limited. 

Ahead of your visit, please read our Spa Etiquette Guide. 

Spa Experiences

  • Mud Chamber

Book yourself the ultimate detox experience beginning with our Pig in Mud Spa Experience. Fig & Vanilla body salts, followed with specialist muds for the face and body, complete with a theatrical steam experience including a gentle thunder storm and rain shower.

  • Beer Spas

Experience the UK's first Beer Spa! Book this European treatment well known for its antioxidant effects on the body and mind. Relax in your own authentic wooden hot tub containing vitamin-rich Malt & Hops from our local Woodforde’s Brewery, including your very own beer tap to help yourself to as you bubble away! 

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Hydro-therapy Pool

Therapeutic jets and warm waters of 35-37°c help relax muscles and increase circulation. You’ll find lay down jets, powerful water cannons, seated jets, and standing volcanic plate full body jets.

Herbal Steam Room

With a warm and humid temperature of 45-50°c, our scent-changing steam room will help reduce tension, alleviate congestion and improve breathing.

Experience Shower

An immersive experience combining, scent, temperature, pressure, and visual scenery. Choose from Tropical Rain, Thunder Storm, or Artic Mist to calm, rebalance, or revitalise.

Foot Spa

Allow warm water of 32-36°c to flow over your shoulders and run down to pool at your feet where relaxing jets will soothe tired, achey soles. 

Outdoor Aromatic Sauna

Our scent-infused panoramic Sauna offers a dry heat of 70-90°c to help stimulate detoxification.

Outdoor Hot Tub

Relaxing pressure and warm waters of 36-38°c aids aches and pains and improves sleep.

Outdoor Cold Shower Buckets

Drenching natural cold waters boost immunity and tone the body.

In addition to our Thermal Suite, you will also find:

  • Coffee lounge serving hot drinks, cocktails, beers, and fresh juices and smoothies along with light breakfast and afternoon refreshments.                               
  • Conservatory Restaurant serving Tapas style lunches and afternoon tea.
  • Relaxation Room featuring indulgent S-shaped loungers with ambient light and zen sounds.
  • Changing Rooms with vanity areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see answers to our most frequently asked questions below. For any other enquiries, please call our team on 01603 737531, or email 

How early should I arrive for my spa appointment?

Please arrive a maximum of 5-10 minutes before your scheduled arrival time.

Where should I check in upon arrival? 

Please arrive through the main Spa front door and check in at the reception. 

What if I can't fill in the online forms for my appointment? 

If you encounter difficulties completing your forms online, please contact us for assistance.

Can I still receive treatments if I've recently had surgery or an accident? 

We may not be able to treat you if you have undergone surgery or had an accident within the last 12 weeks. Please inform us of any recent medical events and our team will be able to advise. 

Can I receive treatments uring pregnancy or breastfeeding? 

We can adapt most treatments to avoid the use of essential oils but please do check with us before booking. Pregnancy treatments are safe from 12 weeks right through to the end of pregnancy.

Do you offer treatments for individuals touched by cancer? 

Yes we offer Oncology Treatments. Please note, some circumstances may require a doctor's note - do speak to us if you have any queries or concerns. 

What precautions are in place due to Covid-19? 

If you have tested positive for Covid or display any cold/flu/sickness symptoms, we kindly ask that you stay at home. Our 48-hour cancellation policy remains in place.

Is there a recommendation for re-patch testing after the Covid pandemic? 

Yes, it is recommended to be re-patch tested for tint or lash lift if you have gone more than 6 months without a treatment or patch test with us.

What are the Spa's operating hours? 

The Spa is open from 8:00 to 20:00. Monday through to Sunday.

How can I book a spa day or treatment? 

To make a booking, please email us at or call us at 01603 737531. 

What facilities are available in the Spa? 

Our Spa offers a Thermal Suite, Outdoor Hot Tub, Aromatic Sauna, Coffee Lounge, Conservatory Restaurant, Relaxation Room, and Changing Rooms with vanity areas.

Are there specific guidelines for using the Thermal Suite? 

Yes, we have various facilities within the Thermal Suite, such as a Hydro-therapy Pool, Herbal Steam Room, Experience Shower, Foot Spa, Outdoor Aromatic Sauna, Outdoor Hot Tub, and Outdoor Cold Shower Buckets. Each serves different purposes, and you can find detailed information in our Spa Etiquette Guidance.

Is spa access included for hotel guests? 

If you've booked a stay with us, your reservation includes a 2-hour slot to enjoy our Spa. Please contact us to book this time as space cannot be guaranteed.

What spa experiences do you offer? 

We offer unique experiences like the Mud Chamber, which is an ultimate detox experience, and Beer Spas, known for their antioxidant effects, featuring authentic wooden hot tubs with vitamin-rich Malt & Hops.

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