The Norfolk Mead celebrates its 10th Birthday

17 September 2023

The Norfolk Mead is proud to celebrate its 10th Birthday! This is a remarkable milestone in the world of hospitality.

It is a moment of immense pride and joy, as we reflect upon a decade of exceptional service, unwavering dedication, and the pursuit of excellence in the hotel industry.

Ten years ago, our journey began with a vision—a vision to create a haven of luxury, comfort, and unforgettable experiences for our guests. James and Anna alongside the team have worked hard together to build The Norfolk Mead into what it is today. Owners Anna and James both come from a catering background and first met when they were working for McLaren on the Formula One circuit twenty years ago; travelling the world and catering for the culinary needs of the McLaren drivers, mechanics and support team. 

The Norfolk Mead was the realisation of their dream to own their own hotel and venue. In these ten years, we have had the privilege of hosting guests from all corners of the world, each with their unique stories and aspirations. It has been our honour to be a part of your journeys, whether they were for business, leisure, or special occasions. 

James Holliday, Owner of The Norfolk Mead says: "Your trust and support have been the driving force behind our success. I would like to take this moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team members who have been the backbone of The Norfolk Mead. Their commitment to delivering exceptional service and their passion for hospitality have been the key to our achievements. I want to thank everybody for being a part of this incredible journey. Whether you have been a guest, a team member, a partner, or a friend, your contribution has been invaluable". 

Together, we have made The Norfolk Mead a symbol of excellence in the hotel industry. As we celebrate our 10th birthday, we look forward to the future with excitement and anticipation. We are committed to raising the bar even higher, continuously innovating, and exceeding the expectations of our guests. Our journey doesn't end here; it evolves, adapts, and continues to inspire. Here's to the next decade of success, growth, and unforgettable moments at The Norfolk Mead.

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