Norfolk Mead Treatment Rooms
Norfolk Mead Treatment Rooms

Why Choose the Norfolk Mead spa Treatment Rooms?

Our approach, as for the rest of the services we provide at The Norfolk Mead, puts excellence in customer service as our priority.

We aim to make our customers feel that they are the only customer we’ve had all day. All the little touches are just as important as the spa treatment itself to make the customer feel they are getting 100% whether it’s our first or tenth treatment of the day. 

We offer some of the highest standard of spa treatments in Norfolk. From feedback and the really amazing comments that we get from customers, people want to come and have the full personal service that you don’t always get in spas. Our customers comment on our attention to detail, friendly approach to put people at ease, and how we go above and beyond to meet customer’s needs.

A spa treatment should not be seen as a luxury, but as an important step to take time for yourself and look after your own wellbeing and mental health. People underestimate the importance of that; you can’t put a price on looking after yourself. It can be a necessity to have an hour to yourself where you don’t have to think or do anything – particularly if you are going through a challenging or busy time. Making the time to have a spa treatment can alleviate both physical and mental strain, and prevent physical niggles leading to a drain on the customers’ physical and mental health over time.

Over and above: it’s the little things …

Communication: We always make sure to maintain lots of communication with our customers to make sure everything is right for them as everyone is so different. We don’t just assume what they are going to want but talk to them about what they want to get out of their treatment, what they like, and what they have experienced with other salons and treatments. Throughout each treatment, within reason, we still communicate with our client – is the pressure ok? Are you comfortable? We focus on our rapport with the customer and aim to make them comfortable enough to be able to talk to us about what they need. 

Temperature to suit each customer: We have heated treatment beds and heated rooms which can also be air conditioned in hot weather – we regularly ask if the temperature is ok for each customer’s own preference. 

Comfort: Our customers ongoing comfort is paramount. We can raise the knees on our treatment beds, helping to support the lower back and make customers as comfortable as possible throughout their treatment.  

Group bookings: Despite being a small team, we love to accommodate group bookings – particularly for our wedding parties! If a bride and their bridesmaids want to come in at the same time, we will offer them the same room within our treatment suite so they have can have their nails done together, and even enjoy a celebratory glass of prosecco. We aim to make them feel really special!

Total relaxation: The treatment experience doesn’t end once the spa treatment itself is finished. All guests having 60 minutes of treatments or more with us receive a revitalising ginger tea and fresh fruit skewer to enjoy at their leisure afterwards in our stylish bar, lounge or beautiful walled garden. 

Keeping current: We’ve developed our menu of spa treatments in line with what has been most popular and we listen to what our customers want over time. We always trial different treatments and run questionnaires on what treatments our regular customers would like. Eyelash lifts were a popular request which we now offer as a regular treatment option. 

View our full spa treatment brochure here or call 01603 737 531 to book a spa treatment

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