Removing Gel Polish at Home
Removing Gel Polish at Home

Step by Step Gel Polish Removal from Home

Please read our guide from The Norfolk Mead spa Treatment Rooms team to safely removing your gel polish from home during lockdown.

You will need – 

•Aluminium foil

•Cotton pads/discs

•A nail polish remover that contains acetone (you can get this in large supermarkets and chemists usually)

•Gentle nail buffer and file

•Cuticle stick/pusher (optional)


Step 1. Cut your foil into small rectangular pieces, enough to wrap around each finger.

Step 2. Cut each cotton pad into four pieces each, enough to cover each nail.

Step 3. Open your nail polish remover. Hold a piece of cotton pad over the top of the bottle and tip upside down to gently soak the cotton pad in the remover. Place that cotton pad over one nail.

Step 4. Take one piece of foil and place it over the nail with the cotton pad on. Wrap the foil around your finger, ensuring the cotton pad stays in place on the nail. Fold the excess foil at the end of your finger over the top of the nail to hold the cotton pad firmly on the nail. Repeat on each nail/finger.

Step 5. Leave the foils on for 10-15 minutes. 

Step 6. Remove foils one by one, starting with the first finger you wrapped. The gel polish should have begun flaking away and should be able to be wiped away using a full cotton pad soaked in the remover. If you have any stubborn pieces of gel polish that won’t budge, then gently buff over these areas using a nail buffer/file. Make sure you only buff over the gel polish extremely gently and not on your bare nail plate as this can cause damage. 

Step 7. Use your nail file to take off the length and re-shape your nails. Make sure you only use the nail file in one direction rather than back and forth on the free edge of the nail. 

Step 8. If you have time, fill a small bowl with warm water and soak each hand for a few minutes to soften your cuticles. Once softened, use your cuticle stick to gently push back cuticles.

Step 9. Apply your favourite hand cream and focus on each finger and nail.

Step 10. If you have any cuticle oil, then massage this into each cuticle and nail. Or if you have any coconut oil then this is a perfect substitute. 

If you have any questions about anything then please contact us and ask! You can get hold of us via our spa Treatment Rooms Instagram or the Norfolk Mead Facebook pages, or directly via

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