D.I.Y. Beautiful Home Hacks
D.I.Y. Beautiful Home Hacks

D.I.Y. Beautiful Home Hacks

In the first new article series from The Treatment Rooms' Catherine Howard, learn how to take care of your nails at home during lockdown.

Why is nail health is so important? 

Your nails are on display at all times so it’s important to take care of them. They can be an important window into your physical health too. Things to look out for are yellow or thick nails, splitting, peeling or brittle nails, colour changes or discolouration, or sudden changes in texture or colour. 

If you notice any changes then always get advice from your GP.

Basic nail care tips 

1. Wear rubber gloves while cleaning or washing dishes.

2. Never use your nails as a tool to open things such as boxes.

3. Never bite or chew your nails.

4. Never pull at or bite a hangnail.

5. Moisturise your cuticles regularly with any moisturiser or oil.

6. If your nails are prone to breaking or splitting then clip your nails regularly to stop them getting too long. 

7. For extra sensitive nails, use nail strengthening polish, gel or cream.

8. If you tend to bite your nails, try keeping a nail polish on your nails to stop you nibbling.

9. Always remove nail polish or gel polish by soaking. Never pick your polish off as this can damage your natural nail.

10. Don’t forget to eat healthily, stay hydrated and practice good hygiene. 

For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team of beauty therapists via relax@norfolkmead.co.uk or find out more: Coltishall beauty salon.

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